Han Bros Taekwondo studio gives you the BEST Martial Arts training you can get in the Valley. We teach you traditional Martial Art values through Taekwondo. The #1 most popular and successful self defense Martial Arts in the world.

We challenge you to try and find a better Martial Arts studio. We have heard directly from most of our students and their family, there is no other Martial Arts studio like ours. We have core principles that form the foundation of what we do at Han Bros TaeKwonDo, ensuring each student receives a complete and rounded education and understanding of the art.

Our philosophy has its roots in Korea, from when we took our first step of learning taekwondo in 1983/84. Our upbringing, both in our home, and in our Master’s dojang was based around the earliest principles of taekwondo, focusing on three main areas of intimidation, excitement, and fun. We spent 6 years at this first school, working under the most disciplined of Masters.

Master Jason remembers the moment he learned the virtue of humility. “I was performing at a competition at a young age. In one match, I was doing very well, I was winning 20-0. At that point I began to take it easy, the match was not difficult for me and I did not see the need to continue with as much effort. When I left the floor, my Master spoke to me. He told me how well I had done, but that I also should have done my absolute best until the end of the match.”

That moment taught both of us about the importance of humility and discipline. That showing off is not allowed. That we do everything in respect of the art of taekwondo.

We have carried that lesson with us through our lives, both in and out of taekwondo. Because that is what is so important to us – for what we teach our students to be used in their everyday lives. Discipline, humility and good, respectful behaviour are principles of taekwondo that are also vital for individuals to develop at an early age. That is why we focus so heavily on them in our Kids’ Programs.

When we started Han Bros TaeKwonDo in October 2010, we set ourselves a goal. To build the best taekwondo school we could. We wanted to create a dojang that taught traditional taekwondo disciplines and techniques. Our training and upbringing in Korea gave us the advantage of learning traditional values of taekwondo within the Korean culture. We are now able and passionate to implement these through a modern day teaching method.