What Our Kids Have To Say

“My time in taekwondo has taught me to never give up no matter how tough things get or how many obstacles are placed in front of you. I personally have gone though many hardships in my journey to becoming a black belt but still without a doubt I know I can also pursue anything I want in life.” – George M

“I gained the ability to defend myself and others. Way to be a good person and ready for anything.”  – Poojit

“Taekwondo has taught me to never give up. I learned to have more self-discipline, respect and responsibility.”  – a 1st Dan black belt student

“Master Han and Master Jason have taught me self-defense. But more importantly, I learned self-control, obedience, respect and honor. I have also learned the importance of exercise and healthy eating.”  – Sophia G

“I learned how to be strong in my body and mind.”  – Joshua V

“Taekwondo has helped me to prepare and deal with bullies. Luckily, I never encountered that yet.”  – Nathan H

“It gave me an opportunity to become a better person. I may not be the best student in class, but I still tried my best. No matter what, taekwondo will always be with me.”  – Bryce A

“Masters always told me that you learn more from losing than winning. Losing is part of becoming a champion.”  – Dylan F

“I learned the importance of respecting my parents, masters, instructors, teachers, family, friends and adults. Because they pushed me harder, I believe in myself and I feel I can do anything.” – Kai M

“Masters have taught me discipline, hard work and how to be more responsible.” – Seiji M

“I gained confidence by trusting myself while doing taekwondo techniques even if I make mistakes.” – Aika J

“I gained strength, flexibility, speed and friends.” – Emmanuel M